MAPPA - Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements

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NOTE: MAPPA Chair Chris de Souza and MAPPA administrator, Josie Ince, Bedford Probation Area.

Address: Saxon Centre, 1st Floor
230 Bedford Road
MK42 8PP

Tel: 01234 844 285

This chapter was added to the manual in October 2015.


The nominated person attending MAPPA representing Children Social Care has a responsibility to represent the department and facilitate appropriate information sharing to safeguard children identified as potentially vulnerable through the MAPPA risk assessment process.

The nominated person has the responsibility to:

  • Take information to and from each meeting advising the MAPPA members of information that we hold which may assist each case; and
  • Identify where children may be at risk or in need as a result of being associated with the named offender; and
  • Ensure that all Social Care (Azeus) records are kept updated after each meeting to reflect the identified risk. This will include cross referencing the information with records of any child the adult has a relationship, or is in regular contact, with.

Every case subject to MAPPA is received into the MASH via e-mail from the MAPPA administrator weekly. Two named persons from the MASH Team have been requested to receive the MAPPA information, the MASH Manager and Advanced Practitioner to ensure continuity if one person is off. All electronic files should be accessed by 'named persons' only due to the confidential and sensitive nature of the information regarding these high risk offenders.

The named person(s) in Social Care will need to indicate on Azeus that they are the main contact when further information in relation to the client discussed is required. This is necessary as the information recorded on Azeus will be minimal and will only provide a summary of the potential risk. Full records from the MAPPA meeting are not kept electronically by Social Care. These can be requested if needed via the MAPPA chair when needed to support risk assessments.

  1. On receipt of the case list for MAPPA the MASH professional will complete checks on Azeus regarding the named adult, checking both the name and the address searching for associated children and assess the status of the children's case; i.e. history of Social Care involvement but not active involvement, current open case or no information known. If the children are current open cases the MASH Professional will invite the allocated social worker to attend the MAPPA meeting at the allocated time and date to promote and facilitate positive multi agency working. It is expected that the social work manager will attend MAPPA meetings with the social worker due to the high risk nature of the offenders being discussed and the plans that need to be agreed regarding child and / or public protection;
  2. On receipt of the agenda, if a person to be discussed at MAPPA, is not known on Azeus they will be created by the administrator. At this time the hazard flag will be created with an explanation stating "to be discussed at MAPPA on 'xyz' date" For further information contact the MASH;
  3. Prior to each MAPPA meeting the administrator will undertake an Azeus check and where the person, or anyone closely linked to them is known to the Department, and produce a summary of any relevant information that is held on Azeus for sharing at the MAPPA meeting;
  4. After attendance at each MAPPA meeting a summary of the agreed decisions and outcomes of the meeting will be fed back to the MASH Professional who will update Azeus to reflect the concerns. Any actions agreed at MAPPA for Children's Social Care should be actioned and fed back to the MAPPA administrator to update their records. If an assessment is needed a referral should be made to the MASH by an agreed person at the MAPPA meeting. The outcome of the assessment should be shared with the named professionals at MAPPA. The social worker and the team manager responsible for completing the assessment should attend a further MAPPA meeting to ensure continuity in feeding back all information;
  5. If as a result of the MAPPA case discussion, the named adult is made subject to MAPPA level 2 or 3 supervision, this status should be recorded / updated in the hazards area on Azeus, and the nature of the concern should be included in the text e.g. stating they pose a risk / or potentially pose a risk of sexual harm to children, pose of risk of violence to partners, present a high risk to adults etc.
  6. Where a client is discussed at MAPPA but not made subject to MAPPA a hazard should be selected on Azeus to reflect the risk the offender poses. i.e. violent behaviour/drug use etc.
  7. Location and Frequency of MAPPA Meetings
    MAPPA meetings are generally held every Tuesday from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at the Probation Head Office, St Peters Street, Bedford.